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25.05.2010 – 27.05.2010



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The drive from Arugam Bay to Tissamaharama took only “ 4 hours” but was very interesting. Our driver and the same assistant we had on the Batticoloa trip had never made this journey before. Consequently their knowledge of the roads and directions were less than optimal. Instead of traveling through Buttala and catching the newer A2 at Wellawaya to drive to Tissa they took the first road in Buttala which had a sign for Tissa. This road turned out to be the B53. An older road which runs parallel to the A2 but hasn’t seen a repair since it was built. Actually even though it was in some case in very bad shape there was little or no traffic.  What on the other hand was very interesting, and little known was how many military watch posts and bunkers we saw on the east side (Yala side) of the B53. For no less that 40 km there was a manned army post every 200 meters. This had been the original “No Mans” border between the Sri Lankan Army and the LTTE. What was interesting is, that it was still manned one year after the war had been declared as over.


childrenChildren playing in the local stream. elephantbathBath time TissaMahaDagobaTissa Maha Dagoba




The Flying Fox Bat is a very common sight in Sri Lanka. They like to congregate in large groups and are pretty impressive when they fly, as their wing spans can be up to 1.5 – 2 meters.







Fresh Buffalo Curd in clay pots. Topped with honey, the curd is a wonderful taste experience.







We spend two nights in Tissa at the Lake Side Tourist Inn. The rooms were nice and mostly frequented by tourists visiting Yala or Sri Lankans on business. When we arrived, we dropped into the midst of a local wedding party. Although Tissa didn’t have much to offer it was a great stop over for our day visit to Yala National Park.

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