Sri Lanka 2010–Introduction

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This was our first trip to Sri Lanka and what a wonderful trip it was. We had wanted to visit earlier in December 2008 but the war there was really getting hot because of the government’s new offensive against the LTTE so we decided to postpone our trip and see how things developed. To our surprise and relief the war was finally declared over in May 2009.

For my 60th Birthday on 17 May 2010, Christel gave me a great gift, a trip to Sri Lanka. The only negative side was the timing.  May is statistically the month when the Monsoons bring the most rain to the southern part of the island. Well, I couldn’t help the date of my birthday, but I really wanted to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy what the island had to offer regardless of the weather. 



Monkeys are a very common site in Sri Lanka. Although they look very nice, they can be rather aggressive and proved, on more than one occasion, to be very talented thieves. You are warned in certain areas about not leaving the window or the door to your room open because they will take anything that looks interesting.





What I had always dreamed of…..  The ocean, long lonely beaches , warm weather and NO TOURISTS !!  

This is Surfer Point in Arugam Bay.









BabyElephantInJungleThis is a composite picture I put together of one of the baby elephants we saw in the Elephant Orphanage near Kandy.  In the original photo he had a chain around his back leg and was in a kind of corral where tourists could take pictures of him and even feed him with a bottle of milk. I felt so sorry for him that I wanted to put him back in his natural habitat.

Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t being mistreated and there is no doubt that he wouldn’t have survived in the wild without the protection of his mother or family.  That is why he was at the Orphanage.

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